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About us

"There will come a time when I'll tell you to join this idea, just say yes"

What is this idea, and what bought us together to make it a reality?



"refuge or safety from pursuit, persecution, or other danger"



"I saw the need to have a Muslim therapist who brings spirituality into sessions."

I started studying counselling part-time whilst raising my first child. I had a little fold-out table and chair and would sit in my daughter’s room for my classes.  Through my studies and talking to others I realised there was a massive need for Islamic counselling. I remember telling my classmates, “There will come a time when I’ll tell you to join this idea, just say yes”. I had no idea that the dream I had would turn into what it is today - Ibn Sina Sanctuary.  


Having had therapy myself, I saw the need to have a Muslim therapist who brings spirituality into our sessions and allows me to really gain the most from my sessions. And that is exactly what we do here. Our clients have only affirmed our values and we hope to keep serving the Muslim community.



"My vision was for counselling to be of service to the Muslim community."

I went down the counselling route because someone suggested it to me. I've always been a good listener. However, I didn't know what counselling entailed or what made a good counsellor. Yet when I started studying I felt counselling came naturally to me because a lot of the skills they were teaching us, were skills I already had.  


So when Rebecca came to us with the idea of Ibn Sina, it was a natural fit as we realised we had the same principles, and those principles guided our vision.



"When we create a healthy environment where an individual is free to talk without judgement they will then find the solutions on their own."

I decided to focus particularly on mental health as it forms the basis of positive wellbeing yet has been neglected by many different communities and cultures.  


Counselling has taught me numerous things, including changing my perspective on what it means to help others. Often we feel a pressure to fix another person's problems by offering some kind of advice but when we create a healthy environment where an individual is free to talk without judgement they will then find the solutions on their own.


My vision for Ibn Sina Sanctuary is to combat the stigma against mental health and make counselling accessible for everyone with affordable services that are also sensitive to the needs of the community. I specifically want to train in specialties including marriage counselling & youth counselling



We all saw the need for an Islamic counselling service that was affordable, accessible, and also professional.


Ibn Sina Sanctuary formed

During training, Rebecca pitched the idea to the rest of us counsellors. We all shared the vision and were motivated to get it running.


Counselling starts

We worked to establish ourselves as a serious counselling service, and we worked hard. We made our websites, set up a platform, and started counselling. We really thought about removing as many barriers to counselling as possible


The work continues

The counselling continues. We have started running workshops at various mosques and looking at ways we can work with different communities in person and online.


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Why Ibn Sina?

Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in the West) memorised the Quran at the age of 10.

By the age of 14, he was overtaking his teachers and mastered several sciences, and by 16, he had mastered medicine. He was a qualified physician by the time he was 18.


Ibn Sina wrote over 450 books, his most famous works being “Canon of Medicine” and the “Book of Healing”. It was in this book that he explored the mind-body connection. He laid the groundwork for the development of psychology and counselling.


Ibn Sina’s legacy, his pursuit of knowledge, and his pioneering spirit inspired the birth of Ibn Sina Sanctuary.    

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