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Counselling FAQs

""I am so thankful that I was able to find Ibn Sina. My sessions were with Zainab and she was attentive, understanding, and patient whilst I explored my issues. I can't thank her enough for providing me with the skills I need to move forward."

— Client (27), reviews

It's always good to  ask questions


How do I know if I need counselling

If you're experiencing persistent feelings of distress, anxiety, depression, or if your usual coping strategies aren't effective, seeking counselling could be beneficial.


What kind of things do you provide counselling for?

We can help with all sorts of things, including low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, or trauma. You can find a list of things on our Seeking Help page. If you can't find something on the list, don't worry. Contact us to see how best we can support you.


What happens during the initial consultation?

It usually involves getting to know each other, discussing confidentiality, your concerns, and what you hope to achieve through counselling. You'll get a feel for whether you feel comfortable with this counsellor.


What can I expect in the first counseling session?

Counselling sessions involve confidential conversations between you and a trained therapist. Together, you'll explore your thoughts, experiences, and behaviors to work towards your goals.


How long does counseling take to work?

This varies based on individual needs and the complexity of issues. Some notice improvements after a few sessions, while others may need longer-term support.


How often do the sessions take place?

The counselling sessions usually take place once a week, for 50 minutes


How many sessions will I need?

We require a minimum of six sessions. This can be extended if you and the counsellor both agree that it would benefit.


Is counselling confidential?

Yes, counselling is confidential, meaning information shared in sessions is kept private unless there's a risk of harm to yourself or others.


How can counselling be sensitive to my faith or beliefs?

We will integrate a person's faith or belief system into therapy, ensuring it's considered and respected during the counselling process.


How do I find the right counsellor for me?

The initial consultation may help with this. You may also consider factors like their approach, expertise in your specific concerns, and the rapport you build during the first one or two sessions.


How much does counselling cost?

Our sessions cost £10 with a trainee counsellor or £30 with a qualified counsellor. All our counsellors are registered with the BACP. More information can be found here.


What if I can't afford counselling?

We are striving to serve our community, and that includes people who are experiencing financial difficulty. Speak to us about your specific circumstances.


What if I don't feel comfortable talking about certain things?

Don't talk about it. Counselling sessions are all conducted at your pace, and about topics you're comfortable with. If at any time you want to change topic, just ask.


Is counselling only for people with severe mental health issues?

No, counseling can help individuals dealing with a wide range of concerns, from everyday stress and relationship problems to severe mental health conditions.


Can I bring someone with me to the session?

This depends on the counsellor's policies. Some may allow a trusted friend or family member to join if it's beneficial for your sessions.


Can I choose the counsellor I want?

Yes! If you like the profile of one of our counsellors, please mention their name when you contact us. We'll try our best to accomodate this based on the counsellor's availability.


I'm ready to book! What do I need to do?

Great! You can click here to book an initial consultation at a time that is suitable for you. Alternatively, you can email us at info@ibnsinasanctuary.com, or call us on 07762352188.

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