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about me


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I can help with a range of problems that people may face. Find out below what people may seek help for.


I believe that therapy can help achieve knowledge of the self. This not only enables people to examine challenging thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviours but also helps them grow and fulfil their potential. I take an integrative approach and tailor sessions to individual clients. During the session, I provide a client-centred, non-judgmental, safe, and supportive space whilst being empathic and having an approachable manner. I am an advocate of holistic wellbeing and a proponent of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. I work with diversity and appreciate that faith, culture, and tradition play a role in the way clients experience life.


I have extensive experience providing pastoral and spiritual support to patients, staff, and families within the NHS. I currently manage the department providing pastoral and spiritual support within an acute NHS Trust. This has allowed me to particularly understand the emotions experienced due to a new diagnosis, long term health conditions, the impact they have on other family members, bereavement and work-related issues. I hold the space for patients and clients to explore their issues and accompany them on their journey. Having a background in the legal and teaching sectors, I know that no two people are the same and that each person needs to be catered for individually.


I have also completed up to Masters level in Law and have a background in advanced theological studies.

Law - Masters

Counsellor - BACP member

Advanced Theological Studies