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Zaynab, January 4 2024

The first counselling session

By Zaynab

What can you expect?

The first counselling session starts with setting some ground rules. Your chosen counsellor explains how the sessions work, what you can expect, and, importantly, that whatever you share is kept confidential. They'll try to make you feel comfortable, asking about why you're there, what you hope to achieve, and getting a sense of your life story.

As the conversation unfolds, the counsellor might dig a bit deeper into your emotions, thoughts, and actions. This can feel a bit heavy, but it's all part of figuring out what makes you tick. They might also ask you to fill out some forms or answer questions to get a clearer picture of what's going on. Often, they'll give you some tips or techniques to handle the stuff that's bothering you right now.

 It's not about solving everything right away but rather starting to identify the areas that might need more attention. 

Before you leave, your counsellor will talk about what happens next, how long therapy might take, and what future sessions could look like. It's also a chance for you to decide if this feels like a good fit for you. Ultimately, the first session is about getting to know each other and making sure you feel heard and comfortable enough to keep coming back.

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